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Windows Now this is interesting. Microsoft developer Garrett Serack has acknowledged that it is generally easier to roll out a, for instance, complex stack of open source server software on Linux than it is on Windows. He also offers a solution - he's working on a project to bring package management to Windows. This project will be community-driven, and Serack has the full blessing from Microsoft.
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This not good for ISV on Windows
by Johnny on Sat 10th Apr 2010 23:10 UTC
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There's a problem with having a package manager for Windows unlike Linux. With Linux almost all software is open source. And it comes from upstream. There is no Linux distro that creates their source code. All linux distros decide what code to pull from upstream source code from various projects, compile the code to their native distro, and then dumpi the compiled binaries into their repositories so users of their distro can pull from them.
Note that the *distro* package manager figures out the dependencies between packages for *that* distro. With me so far? Why is this bad for Independent Software Vendors on a Windows platform? Because it's the distro package managers that decide what software goes into their software repository and what doesn't. If Microsoft *is* the package manager and *you* are an Independent Software Vendor and you *want* your software to be in the repository *you* have to ask Microsoft to pretty please put it in for you.
Do you think Microsoft will do it out of the kindness of their hearts? Do you think they will do it for free? Do you think they will put your application into their package manager if it competes with a Microsoft product? What happens if there is an open source program in the repo that might not be as good as yours, but it's *good enough* for most people and it's the repository and *your* software is *not*? What other option do you have? The only package manager for Windows is Microsoft. Which means *you* are so %&&%$*!
If you think this concern is unrealistic or exaggerated compare with the situation for software for the iphone. Who controls what software can go on the iphone? Are there any cases of software removed from the app store because it competed with Apple? Were there any apps denied because of a pissing match with Apple?

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