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Legal Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday dear copyright law... Yeah, it's April 10, the birthday of copyright (thanks, Arnoud). In 1710, 300 years ago, England enacted the very first copyright law, cutely named the Statute of Anne, after then-reigning Queen Anne. When reading about those early days of copyright, one can't help but hope we will return to those days - the Statute of Anne has little to nothing to do with modern copyright.
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Oh, the irony
by kiddo on Sun 11th Apr 2010 21:40 UTC
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Thanks Thom for a very well written and insightful historical perspective. I love it.

Now, I just wanted to highlight a delicious irony that jumped at me when I looked at the bottom of the page in the "printable version":

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(emphasis mine)

Maybe it's time to evaluate copyleft licenses for OSNews contents? I'm just sayin' ;)

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