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Apple The backlash is starting to show. The most recent change in Apple's iPhone developer agreement isn't going down well. The change is clearly aimed at increasing lock-in, and seems to have little to nothing to do with anything else. While individual developers are hit hard, Adobe as a whole has been hit pretty hard too, giving rise to sentiments on the web that Adobe should abandon Mac development. I have the sneaking suspicion this is exactly what Apple is aiming for.
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RE: Its a technical decision
by crocodile on Mon 12th Apr 2010 10:39 UTC in reply to "Its a technical decision "
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>If there are all of a sudden all kinds of apps built on
>flash, battery life drops to minutes, then people will
> be pissed and most likely blame apple, when its
> flash's fault.

For sure this is not a technical decision. Out there are NOKIA phones which have support for Flash (e.g. Nokia N900) and their battery life is just fine.

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