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Debian and its clones "As many of our customers know, Libranet is a small company pioneered by the vision of Jon Danzig. The recent passing of Jon Danzig has necessitated changes to the way Libranet runs and does business. Libranet will be undergoing a period of restructuring during which we will not be be taking new orders. Libranet will continue to provide support for our existing customers, and the Libranet forum will remain open."
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RE[3]: The Ubuntu effect?
by Clinton on Sat 8th Oct 2005 05:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The Ubuntu effect?"
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I know you feel strongly about it, but Libranet (nor any Linux) isn't God's gift to computing.

Hey! Put a lid on the stink-talk, nervey.

I am quite ambivalent on the subject of Linux. I think it makes a decent desktop (not perfect, but decent), but what really allows it to make Windows look like a polished turd is its scriptability. I can do things in one command statement that would take a team of developers a month to accomplish on Windows (okay, maybe a touch of hyperbole there, but not much).

I like the BSDs too, except NetBSD. I install it once and spent an hour staring at an empty screen with a prompt. We both just sat there staring at each other waiting for each other to tell us what to do.

OS X has a great level of scriptability too (duh), but it costs a lot of money for hardware, so I could only afford a Mini (itís not the size that counts, but what you do with it, right?)

Sidetrack!!! Sorry. Anyway, Libranet may not be the top of the Linux championship ladder, but it is a very nice distribution and I would recommend you buy a copy of their latest version if youíre in the market for a good desktop distro; or rather I would make such a recommendation if it were possible get. Which itís not. So I wonít.

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