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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The fundamental building blocks of all computing devices could be about to undergo a dramatic change that would allow faster, more efficient machines. Researchers at computer firm Hewlett Packard have shown off working devices built using memristors - often described as electronics' missing link. These tiny devices were proposed 40 years ago but only fabricated in 2008. HP says it has now shown that they can be used to crunch data, meaning they could be used to build advanced chips."
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RE: when can i pre-order ;-)
by timl on Mon 12th Apr 2010 16:56 UTC in reply to "when can i pre-order ;-)"
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Don't hold your breath, I'm still waiting on the delivery of my MRAM pre-order. I think I can expect it to arrive just before my other order of protein-based, light controlled memory. And who knows, by that time I might be powering my computer with my very own nuclear fusion reactor.

In other words: I'll believe it is a viable product when it's there, in mass production.

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