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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Despite a relatively solid product, it seems like Palm's last ditch effort to turn the company around have failed. Bloomberg is reporting that the Sunnyvale company has put itself up for sale, and is currently working with Goldman Sachs and Qatalyst Partners to find a buyer. They claim both HTC as well as Lenovo are interested in buying Palm.
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RE: Whatever happens...
by graigsmith on Tue 13th Apr 2010 03:03 UTC in reply to "Whatever happens..."
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i just got rid of my droid to get a palm pre. i honestly had no idea how cool webos was when i bought my droid. and once i saw a few videos online and played with it in the store. i wanted it. things i have noticed after having both.

the apps for palm pre are of much higher quality, even though there are less apps. most of the android apps are of poor quality. especially the games.

then i had bugs with the droid. every once in a while the alarm would fail to ring. and no i was not using task killer. it would just fail. the alarm would go off and then not make any noise. and it would cancel the alarm after 10 minutes. this is just completely unacceptable to me. i must be on time for work..

the other bug with either android or my droid handset is that after its been on for a day or two, the gps stops working and will say finding gps. then you got to shut it completely off, and then back on for it to start working again.

also the droid is hard to multitask with the browser. you have to click a button, pick new tab, it's just a poor design. the pre allows you to open multiple apps easily. you just open multiple web browsers and flick between them. it's so much better.

the music app for the droid is lame. the pre pulled up images and has gestures for changing songs and stuff.

in my experience the webos is like the android os. but better.

when you plug it into your computer it acts just like how the android acts. you get a folder view, you can put your music folder in, name it whatever you want and it will still find the music. it picks up your contacts just like the android phone did. syncs them from facebook even.

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