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Opera Software Since the announcement from Opera about submitting Opera Mini to the App Store made it to the front page, I can't really relegate the application's admittance into the App Store to the side column - I'm not particularly liked by the Apple fans as it is. So, here it goes, full frontal: Apple has accepted Opera Mini into the App Store.
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Comment by kittynipples
by kittynipples on Tue 13th Apr 2010 17:52 UTC
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If download speed was all that was required to qualify as a "great browsing experience," then maybe. The rendering sucks, zooming is bad (only two modes, and one is unreadable), scrolling is choppy, detection of taps for hyperlinks is very inaccurate, their copy and paste barely works,... etc.

Apple probably approved this so that everybody can see how bad an application can be when it doesn't use native frameworks and widgets; which goes back to their purported motives for the recent SDK changes.

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