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Legal A major setback for those that claim piracy is having an adverse affect on the US economy: the US Government Accountability Office, who was tasked with reviewing the efforts to find out what, if any, impact piracy has on the US economy, has concluded that all of these studies - all of them - are bogus. Better yet - the GAO even goes as far as to say that piracy may have a positive effect on the economy.
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We have also encountered over the years several websites who do, indeed, republish our content without permission. Have we threatened with litigation? Have we killed them? No - we simply asked them to remove the content, or to be sure to be nice and employ fair use (i.e., the same way we do: use selective quotations from the article, and properly attribute everything).

Your articles except the so called podcast and the ocasional brain fart come 90% from other sites (slashdot,arstechnica,register etc). In fact, there's almost nothing new on this site one didn't already read alread on the said above tech sites. Don't fool yourself, OSN is not anymore the OSN it was 5 years ago.And not in the good way,unfortunately.

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