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Legal A major setback for those that claim piracy is having an adverse affect on the US economy: the US Government Accountability Office, who was tasked with reviewing the efforts to find out what, if any, impact piracy has on the US economy, has concluded that all of these studies - all of them - are bogus. Better yet - the GAO even goes as far as to say that piracy may have a positive effect on the economy.
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The true pirates
by Ravyne on Wed 14th Apr 2010 20:31 UTC
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I think the article makes good points -- particularly the statement that one pirated copy does not necessarily mean one lost sale.

I think we can also all agree that someone who wittingly continues to use a product without paying for it is commiting an immoral act. However, what damages this causes is highly debatable. If a person pirates software because they are poor, yes it sucks that they are enjoying someone's hard work for no compensation, but its not likely that they would ever make a legitimate purpose, and the producer isn't generally caused more work after the fact by the act.

I think the more nefarious characters are those that *do* have disposable income, and use piracy as a means to avoid paying for some things so that they can afford more unnecessary things that they can't avoid paying for -- eg. buying a fancy stereo but pirating all the music that gets played on it. These are the people that hurt content producers, big companies and artists -- the true pirates -- not the paupers or the previewers.

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