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Mozilla & Gecko clones Peter Watson, chief security advisor at Microsoft Australia and New Zealand, said that the software maker did not get any pleasure from seeing Firefox suffer a string of security vulnerabilities, despite the open-source browser's growth seemingly being stunted over recent months. "I don't think it creates any benefit for us or anybody in the ecosystem to turn around and say, 'it's good that this company has a whole load of security vulnerabilities'," said Watson.
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RE[3]: What a load
by dylansmrjones on Sat 8th Oct 2005 13:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: What a load"
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There is NO classy about Watson's move.

It's a classical way of bashing your enemy, while making it look like you're not.

You're too dumb, if you cannot see that.

Opera is something special. Opera's user base is so small, that I cannot surely say how safe it is. But it looks to be really good. Cannot say that it's the safest - but it looks like it. However, performance and features can be discussed. Because performance and features is something which is very user dependent. One might consider it bloated, other consider Opera too little and so on. There is a lot of testing still to do before I will consider Opera safer. And better in terms of performance and features? Nope... Don't forget FF is modular ;)

But your statement: Pretending that IE is representative of closed-source software at large and Firefox is likewise representative of OSS is foolish. doesn't make sense, since I wasn't pretending such a thing.

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