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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Take a look at this link to the worldwide Apple iTunes App Store top ten lists. Currently, Opera's Mini Web Browser is the #1 free app in every country. Is it just curiosity, or is there really big demand for an alternative web browser for the iPhone? (As for me, I downloaded it, tried it for 2-3 minutes, and went back to Safari. Did everyone else do that too?)
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Somewhat faster, hideous interface
by elmimmo on Thu 15th Apr 2010 08:14 UTC
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Just what value did Opera thought their custom widgets bring over iPhone OS'?

The UI functionality is hideous: scrolling, pop-up menues, toolbar, title bar (why is there one, to begin with?). They are evidently worse than what the OS provides. Why redoing everything (and do it badly)?

Still, I guess it is pretty cool for people (like teenagers) trying to save money on their data plan.

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