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Apple While we were al busy getting knickers in twists over section 3.3.1 of the new iPhone developer agreement, Apple hoped to sneak another, possibly more far-reaching change past us. All Things Digital, however, got hold of section 3.3.9, which could effectively kill all third party ad networks - granting an insurmountable advantage to Apple's own iAd network.
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So you like online surveillance?
by Kondor337 on Thu 15th Apr 2010 12:34 UTC
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1.) Did you actually read section 3.3.9? I think that section is fantastic. I hate the fact that on the web, you're constantly monitored by ad networks. They know where you're from, what computer you own, which sites you visit, what you're searching for on the internet, etc. etc. It's horrible. On mobile phones, it's even worse. Apps could potentially submit your exact location to some ad network. (On some phones you must allow the app to access your location, but maybe you want the app itself to know where you are, but don't want the ad networks to know.) And you cannot check whether an app spies on you.
Section 3.3.9 is exactly what I would have wished for. Apps may not transmit ANY personal information whatsoever to anyone without my explicit consent. And I can revoke my consent and all already collected personal information has to be deleted. That's a good thing and nothing to criticize Apple for. (Except if you are an ad network and like to spy on users because that's your business model.)

2.) Of course, if these restrictions do not apply to apps using iAd and they will happily transmit personal information to Apple, then that's bad. But the bad thing about it is that Apple itself doesn't respect your privacy with their iAds and not that they don't allow everyone to spy on you.

3.) Where did you find the information that these policies do not apply to iAds. (It's not that I don't believe you but I really would like to know the exact rules for iAds.)

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