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Apple While we were al busy getting knickers in twists over section 3.3.1 of the new iPhone developer agreement, Apple hoped to sneak another, possibly more far-reaching change past us. All Things Digital, however, got hold of section 3.3.9, which could effectively kill all third party ad networks - granting an insurmountable advantage to Apple's own iAd network.
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by gee4orce on Thu 15th Apr 2010 12:52 UTC
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I'm amazed that there hasn't been any fuss kicked up over analytics spyware that's embedded in a lot of Apps. People would go apoplectic if this kind of thing was phoning home from desktop apps, and yet in mobile apps it's somehow become acceptable - even though there's the potential there to gather far more sensitive data such as geolocation, sms and call history.

A lot of companies seem to regard mobile apps in the same light as websites - both in the nature of their development and the way in which they are build and operated. Web site analytics are perfectly acceptable to most people as all you're doing is analysing someone's progress through pages that are served from your website, so you are not gathering data that you would not otherwise have. What right does anybody have to know how often and in what manner I use an application I've downloaded and installed on my own device.

No doubt this will be blow in to an 'Apple is evil and restrictive' story, whereas the way I see it they are actively protecting the privacy of their users.

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