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Legal A major setback for those that claim piracy is having an adverse affect on the US economy: the US Government Accountability Office, who was tasked with reviewing the efforts to find out what, if any, impact piracy has on the US economy, has concluded that all of these studies - all of them - are bogus. Better yet - the GAO even goes as far as to say that piracy may have a positive effect on the economy.
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RE[2]: ask Oreilly about piracy
by marafaka on Thu 15th Apr 2010 13:01 UTC in reply to "RE: ask Oreilly about piracy"
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Reminds me of people who think they have an original idea but don't want to tell it out of the fear it will be stolen. If you really have an original idea you will have hard time pushing it down people's throats, but hiding something they really want and you have it in unlimited supply (like PDFs, MP3s or software) is maybe not the best business strategy.

Due to ignorance of the common user and his lack of appreciation of regulations many products spread through the world like wildfire. Companies sure know that, but fear tactics certainly brings in another drop of mojo. That's life.

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