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General Development Ms. Z. Arsenault is an IT consultant working in the depths of a large North American energy company. She's one of those brave souls who works away in the background, keeping the servers running, making sure all the pieces fall properly into place so when the employees wander in each morning their applications run as expected. It's often a busy job just keeping things on a steady path. But Ms. Arsenault and her team aren't just maintaining the status quo, they're also trying to improve performance and cut costs while maintaining a stable environment for the end user. This week I had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Arsenault about what's she's been up to in the depths of corporate IT.
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Taller people make more money.
by Sabon on Thu 15th Apr 2010 14:25 UTC
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It's true. Taller people make more money. It's not their fault they are taller. It's not their fault they make more money. It's the Personnel department and the tall person's bosses that decide how much they make.

We ALL use what we have to make more money. If we have low self esteem it works against us. That's just fact.

I do not think less of any woman who is very attractive. I would not give a woman a job just based on that. I wouldn't give her a job based on her having the same qualifications but just being better looking.

For me, and this it for real, personality wins out every time. If they are good looking but unpleasant to be around. They lose. If they think people owe them things because they are good looking, they lose. At least with me.

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