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Legal Another article on intellectual property enforcement? Yes, since I consider this to be the most important struggle technology has to face over the coming decade. We already know that content providers don't care one bit about hard-fought concepts like freedom and privacy, but the joint proposals by the RIAA and MPAA to the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator really blew my brains out: monitoring software installed on people's computers, border inspections - it's all there, and then some.
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RIAA/MPAA now grants you
by circlomanen on Fri 16th Apr 2010 06:50 UTC
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the timelimited freedom to buy a record. Its a very special record. An updated version. Now you can listen to it twice (!!!!) without entering your 512 digit personal security-code or paying a "listen-licens". This offer will last for 26 minutes.
"Bestof Brittany playes Justin" 32 kb/s MP3.

We all thank RIAA/MPAA for their generous contribution to our culture! Without them we would be lost in a sea of evil pirates.

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