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Fedora Core The Beta release of Fedora 13 (codename "Goddard") blasts off today, true to its namesake, scientist and liquid-fueled rocketry pioneer Robert Hutchings Goddard. The Fedora 13 Beta release gives an early peek at free and open source technologies that reach new heights of functionality and usability. The Beta milestone is when the Fedora Project encourages users, developers, and administrators of all types to download and try out the release early. While generally the Beta is reasonably stable, this is the time for users to exercise their favorite parts of the system and report any lingering bugs before the final release.
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RE[3]: Comment by Beket_
by HangLoose on Fri 16th Apr 2010 10:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Beket_"
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More or less the same problems that afflict Kubuntu, but I will mention the ones ,that I can remember, from Fedora:

-Inconsistent UI: Some kind of black stripe over the taskbar (might be kde's fault), problems with Akonadi.

-Installation didnt go smooth
--Tried using unetbootin went miserably wrong until I did many searches and found the problem
--Didnt recognize other partitions. Messed up my MBR. On the process of restoring it I messed up also the Fedora partition. Thankfully I still remembered few commands from GRUB terminal.
--Updated kernel does not appear in the list of GRUB, manually edition is needed.

-Weird reboot freeze. Cant say much since I have not had much time to play with and to find out what the heck is causing but on the same machine I also use Ubuntu.

So maybe its the price I pay for using the "bleding edge of technology" as many like to point out but still I tried Fedora 12, gnome spin as well, and didnt have same things going on.

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