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Games I think we need to start a digital rights category or something (the next version of OSNews will have it, for sure), because we have yet another article about this subject. After Sony removed the Other OS feature from the PlayStation 3, a European PlayStation 3 owner successfully secured a partial refund from Amazon under the European Sale of Goods Act. Sony has now retaliated, stating it is not going to reimburse retailers.
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These "Contracts"
by Leroy on Fri 16th Apr 2010 12:05 UTC
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The thing I hate about purchasing any electronic device, is the EULA, warranties and manuals. I can't read any of them before purchasing the item. Most of these are not posted on the websites. Never mind that the item is mostly discontinued once it reaches the store shelf. And these EULAs with their "changing the terms of the contract" at the manufacturer's whim.

Sometimes I think I should just type up a EULA of my own and mail to the manufacturer. "I the user will according to my fancy, whim or ever changing mood, change the agreements and terms of the contract." Which is the original intent of the device.

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