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Games I think we need to start a digital rights category or something (the next version of OSNews will have it, for sure), because we have yet another article about this subject. After Sony removed the Other OS feature from the PlayStation 3, a European PlayStation 3 owner successfully secured a partial refund from Amazon under the European Sale of Goods Act. Sony has now retaliated, stating it is not going to reimburse retailers.
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Okay, well relatively. It was 2005, Tiger had been launched, Intel switch over had been announced. It was a good time to switch to Mac and it was a good OS.

A computer is just a tool. The iPhone / iPad only does X. Apple don’t allow it to do Y. The blogosphere is so totally hung up on “It doesn’t do Y, it doesn’t do Y!!” that they are missing the fact that consumers can only see what it _can_ do—X—and are so blown away by how well it does X that they don’t care that it can’t do Y; they didn’t buy it because they expected it to someday do Y too, that would just be a pleasant bonus. It does X better than even things that do X and Y that they want it. It’s only developers Apple are screwing here, not users.

Sony, on the other hand have sold a product that can do X _and_ Y. Then they have removed Y after the user had bought the product, knowing that it can do Y. That is illegal in the UK and the EU.

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