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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Frustrated by Oracle's delay in releasing the latest version of OpenSolaris, the OpenSolaris Governing Board is growing uneasy over Oracle's lack of communication regarding the future of the Unix OS code. At least two members of the board have even said they would be open to forking the code base from the Oracle version.
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ok, that seems reasonable.

People coming from solaris want it the solaris way. People coming from linux see is as a welcome addition so that they finally have tools that are doing things they like.

Some time ago I talked to someone that was an HPUX guy. When I said.. ok 25+ years old, no human readable flags on ls. grep that's not recursive.... he then responded but you can easily do it this waY (find, xargs, grep) and then I thought.... ok if someone wants to live in the history -- fine.

I tend to think that the gnu tools addition (not a replacement) was a very very wise decision.

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