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Games I think we need to start a digital rights category or something (the next version of OSNews will have it, for sure), because we have yet another article about this subject. After Sony removed the Other OS feature from the PlayStation 3, a European PlayStation 3 owner successfully secured a partial refund from Amazon under the European Sale of Goods Act. Sony has now retaliated, stating it is not going to reimburse retailers.
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by Neolander on Sat 17th Apr 2010 07:13 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Kroc"
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And honestly, I really don't think Apple is screwing the developers, at least from a financial sense. The App Store is (from my outsider-looking-in POV) one of the most financially sound and reliable sources of revenue a coder is likely to ever see, at least if they have the entrepreneurial spirit. Perhaps those programmers used to the code-monkey grind at a Fortune 500 company would be fearful of taking the plunge. Likewise, open-source coders probably won't find anything they like about Apple's model. All I can say is, if I had the programming skills I'd jump at the chance to make a buck on the App Store.

It's not about finances. It's about apple having the right to remove your application from their device without even having to explain their move clearly. And getting 50$ as a compensation for all your developing work.

Apple's programming model is one of the most important regression ever seen in the recent computing history (the other being the whole cloud idea). Users and amateur developers had gotten the right of having personal programmable computers, where they can code and put any program they want. The apple model is basically throwing that and going back to the "we own your data, we own your code, we own your computer" model, back to the days of punch cards and insane fees per hour of computing.

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