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FreeBSD Roman Divacky on behalf of the ClangBSD team writes "ClangBSD is a branch of FreeBSD that aims at integrating clang into FreeBSD, replacing GCC as a system compiler. Recently, we've achieved the state when clang can compile all of FreeBSD world on i386/amd64 platforms (including all the C++ apps we have and itself) and a bootable kernel. Thus we feel that the time has come to ask the FreeBSD community for wider testing on i386/amd64 (you sure can help with other platforms too :))."
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Nicholas Blachford
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That's their choice. GPLv3 is not legally incompatible with BSD operating systems, it's just that current project leads don't like the license for one reason or another.

IANAL but GPLv3 is legally incompatible with a lot of things so it might actually be a legal issue. I know in the mobile industry GPLv3 is about as popular as a case of syphilis, the companies wont use it and the companies they deal with can't use it either. I personally know people who are forbidden to send out any code even just compiled with a GPLv3 compiler.

Upside of this is that it gives LLVM some testing & mindshare; downside is that FreeBSD is left behind until LLVM reaches parity with newest gcc.

Probably not for long. LLVM has mindshare from rather more then just BSD developers. There's some very big industry players contributing these days.

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