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OSNews, Generic OSes Dan Hon makes a thought-provoking assertion in his blog: remember all the ridiculous, unrealistic computer interfaces that Hollywood characters are always using, showing "hackers" infiltrating systems by flying through virtual reality worlds of strange codes, and cutesy animations accompanying every task? Hon's point is that instead of ridiculing these unrealistic interfaces, maybe we should try to emulate them. He makes a pretty good case.
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RE: Good Idea
by Earl Colby pottinger on Sun 18th Apr 2010 03:46 UTC in reply to "Good Idea"
Earl Colby pottinger
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I remember seeing that type of interface on a C64, it worked great until you want to do something really diffirent.

BBS program - nope.
Special interface program for a slow daisy wheel printer that suffered a buffer over-run if you sent it data too fast - nope.
Ham radio - Morse code - nope.

These types of interfaces are bad for what makes computers really good, being flexible.

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