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Legal Another article on intellectual property enforcement? Yes, since I consider this to be the most important struggle technology has to face over the coming decade. We already know that content providers don't care one bit about hard-fought concepts like freedom and privacy, but the joint proposals by the RIAA and MPAA to the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator really blew my brains out: monitoring software installed on people's computers, border inspections - it's all there, and then some.
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RE: Call to arms
by yossarianuk on Sun 18th Apr 2010 11:11 UTC in reply to "Call to arms"
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The Tea party crowd only ever get upset about things that are immoral and right wing - i.e - the belief in evolution are black rights. They do inspire violence towards members of the government - I for one hope the FBI are deeply rooted in their members and are watching them closely (as they are the biggest threat to democracy in America)

i.e : they won't get upset about something sensible like this - Also the Tea party crowd usually stand for business interests (Fox news/republican party) not for something that is actually moral.

One last thing I do not get is that the T parties who are pretty much entirely Republican supporters even though the biggest destruction of America's civil liberties again and again are the Republican party.

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