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Google Now this is something that I find really interesting. We all know and love Google Chrome/Chromium (and if you don't, you're demonstrably wrong), but Google recently made a change in the developer version that ruffled some feathers: the URL field will no longer show the "http://". This made a lot of people very upset.
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Why does everything need to be dumbed down?
by r00kie on Sun 18th Apr 2010 13:46 UTC
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I agree with simplification and sorting out the mess that sometimes OSes can be but this may be going a notch too far.

Because you already don't need to type it. Even the www. and .com can be added with a keyboard shortcut that seems to be same for all browsers.

It may create new opportunities for phishing.

It will leave the less tech savvy users clueless wondering where "those things that used to be there" went and whether I'm really visiting by bank site or not ... for the ones that even bother to check the URI anyway.

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