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Google Now this is something that I find really interesting. We all know and love Google Chrome/Chromium (and if you don't, you're demonstrably wrong), but Google recently made a change in the developer version that ruffled some feathers: the URL field will no longer show the "http://". This made a lot of people very upset.
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Lets not forget the roots
by theTSF on Sun 18th Apr 2010 14:03 UTC
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The reason why they displayed it in the first place was back in the days we used a lot of different protocols and sometimes we made new ones.

Now always showing us the full link is actually helpful because if you are learning HTML
and you go a href="" vs a href="" you can get 2 very different results. (depending on browser)

No a lot of us think that people are either IT Savvy or dumbed down idiots. But there is actually a wide scale of people out there. Some are able to make the connection of the Location Bar Text with the HTML code. If you remove that Location information then when you are making the page you are likely to make errors and when you see the rule of doing http:// first will seem really odd to you.

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