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Google Now this is something that I find really interesting. We all know and love Google Chrome/Chromium (and if you don't, you're demonstrably wrong), but Google recently made a change in the developer version that ruffled some feathers: the URL field will no longer show the "http://". This made a lot of people very upset.
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by Bill Shooter of Bul on Sun 18th Apr 2010 21:25 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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The confusion with http:// and whether "www" is needed or not is so bad that advertisers have started to say “search online for ‘x’” instead of giving an actual web address.

Really? I haven't heard that since AOL's keyword days. Where you'd see on packaging: AOL keyword "pepsi". Which Aol did both because they thought the http:// and www were too confusing as well as trying to fool people into thinking that aol was the internet and prevent them from easily switching over to other isp.

Could you provide an example from the past 5-6 years of some one just saying search for "x"?

The easiest thing to do as a website is to redirect to or visa versa. No user intervention required, nor any explanation. Its 2010, everyone has already figured out their own coping mechanisim for it.

Which, sadly, includes my coworker's wife opening up IE which defaults to bing, then searching for google, then entering in a web address( including www, so for example) in the search bar and then clicking on it.) Changing chrome's address bar behaviour is not going to fix that mess.

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