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Multimedia, AV "In summary, it's possible to play full-screen Ogg Theora videos on the N900 at full frame rates with low CPU use by off-loading video decoding to the DSP and colour-space conversion and painting to the GPU. There are opportunities for optimization left, tuning for battery life needs to be investigated, and the integration into Firefox still needs to be done."
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The article should IMO be less focussed on the N900, more on the TI OMAP 3 platform, since the work will benefit any phone on the OMAP 3 platform (and maybe future platforms too if they share the same DSP).

However many Android smartphones use the competing Qualcomm platform, and that does not contain this DSP, so there is an issue.

As for Nokia, until recently they were not using qualcomm at all - due to well, they got sued bigtime by qualcomm but recently that has changed where Nokia has announced a phone based on their platform.

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