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Multimedia, AV "In summary, it's possible to play full-screen Ogg Theora videos on the N900 at full frame rates with low CPU use by off-loading video decoding to the DSP and colour-space conversion and painting to the GPU. There are opportunities for optimization left, tuning for battery life needs to be investigated, and the integration into Firefox still needs to be done."
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"I have an N900 (since January) and it just keeps getting better and better with each day.

So the question is, if I start encoding things in Theora, will most other Android users be able to use it?

"other Android users"?? You think you are an Android user? Either you don't own a N900 or you don't know that the N900's OS is Maemo 5.

I think he knows he owns a N900 which runs on Maemo 5. What he wants to know is does Android supports Theora. Because if Android also supports Theora, it will be more reasons for him to encode in Theora.

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