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Linux We all know Synaptics, the company that seems to produce just about every touchpad you can get your hands fingers on. Their touchpads also do a lot of multitouch and gesture stuff, but up until now, their set of gestures, the Synaptics Gesture Suite, was only available on Windows. Luckily, they've ported it over to Linux, and made it available for OEMs building Linux laptops.
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by spiderman on Tue 20th Apr 2010 14:01 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by spinnekopje"
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your hardware WILL be supported on Windows, because all consumer hardware is meant to work with Windows at the very least. Maybe right after a Windows release you might have to wait. Big deal. On Linux you can wait for years and still not get full support (see: graphics drivers). And generally speaking, you do NOT have to hack around to get things working on Windows. The vendors have already done that for you. I know you can pull up this anecdote or that special case, but the general reality is that things do Just Work on Windows and that's how it is for 99% of the users out there.

Well that's not true. The Gdium is more than one year old and still not supported by Windows. There are more hardware that don't work with Windows than hardware that work with it. Try installing Windows on a N900 or on a Guru plug computer. Won't work. Hardware not compatible with Windows. No driver available. Requires virtual machine AND hacking. It just works for 99% of users who buy hardware for Windows. If you buy hardware that does not work with Windows, it won't work with Windows and that is 90% of the hardware.

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