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OS/2 and eComStation Now this is one for the rumour pile. Yes, a rumour about a long-gone (mostly) operating system that lots of people have fond memories of. Barbara Darrow, Senior News Director at, claims that IBM is mulling over a reintroduction of OS/2. Wait, what?
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RE: On Floppies ?
by phoenix on Tue 20th Apr 2010 18:17 UTC in reply to "On Floppies ?"
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OS/2 installer can boot from CD since 1999, there is no need from floppies anymore. eComStation can boot live from since since version 1.2.

Seems that people only remember OS/2 from 1990 and back.

OS/2 Warp 3.0 came on floppies. It wasn't until Warp 4.0 that it came with an install CD.

Most people used/remember Warp 3.0.

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