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SuSE, openSUSE Novell Inc.'s SuSE Linux Professional 9.3 desktop gives not only other leading Linux desktop distributions a run for their money, but also enterprise desktops. Review is at eWEEK.
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Overpriced mediocrity
by IndigoJo on Wed 6th Jul 2005 06:36 UTC
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I bought this package and ended up replacing it with FC4 on one of the systems I'd installed it on after a couple of weeks. I find it as mediocre as SUSE's distros usually are.

They've done some reasonable work on the presentation, but if they think people will use it as a desktop distro, they need to work on fonts and things like HTML rendering - see how the BBC website displays on either Firefox or Konqueror if you want to know what I mean. Also they set Konq to scroll "smoothly" which, on any site (like my blog) which uses a lot of graphics, this means excruciatingly slowly. I actually found the version on SUSE's downloadable version of KDE 3.4 for SUSE 9.1 more responsive than this.

There's also the problem of some packages being only on the DVD, not on the five CDs, and there is no APT-type program so that you can download the missing packages from SUSE's FTP sites. These packages include Eclipse and XFce (although that's an out of date edition, so it doesn't matter so much), Objective C, Fortran, Java 5 and PostgreSQL. A lot of people using this software are hackers, so it begs the question why they put this software out to pasture rather than, say, the games or educational software.

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