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OS/2 and eComStation Now this is one for the rumour pile. Yes, a rumour about a long-gone (mostly) operating system that lots of people have fond memories of. Barbara Darrow, Senior News Director at, claims that IBM is mulling over a reintroduction of OS/2. Wait, what?
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RE: I got
by Karitku on Wed 21st Apr 2010 07:47 UTC in reply to "I got"
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OS/2 Warp on floppies! I bought it to show my OS class different operating systems. Loaded it on Pentium laptop.

I still have OS/2 3.0 on floppies and 4.0 on CD. And I used it(3.0 mostly) like 1 year in 90's and it sucked! Having whole sumo team back of Golf doesn't compare slowness of OS/2. Sure it was exciting at first but finding software was hard since most friends had windows/dos machines, sure it was more stable than win95 but it still could crash pretty easily.

I don't see any reason to bring OS/2 back. It's too old, almost everything needs to be rewritten, UI is crap compared to any modern, all tools look crap compared to any modern, it offers nothing radical or new to table. It's bit like stamping Ferrari logo on those horrible electric cars, just forget it.

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