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Linux We all know Synaptics, the company that seems to produce just about every touchpad you can get your hands fingers on. Their touchpads also do a lot of multitouch and gesture stuff, but up until now, their set of gestures, the Synaptics Gesture Suite, was only available on Windows. Luckily, they've ported it over to Linux, and made it available for OEMs building Linux laptops.
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RE[7]: Comment by spinnekopje
by spiderman on Wed 21st Apr 2010 15:28 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by spinnekopje"
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not exactly comparing apples and apples are we?

it was an hyperbole:

What does that have to do with the price of a haircut in Taiwan? (I can make non sequiturs too!)
I was refering to the fact that many computers sold as "Vista ready" could not actually run Vista.
What?? Now installing Linux on a netbook is hacking???

Maybe not for you indeed. What I meant is that most people who bought the netbook you bought didn't install another distro on it, despite what you say. I'm pretty sure about that. They surf the web and read emails. They got it from their phone carrier.
Anyway, I'll address your comment about Ubuntu breaking things, yes they do. Ubuntu is based on unstable software. They break everything every 6 months. They have LTS releases that are somewhat less unstable. If you have to run Ubuntu, I advise you to stick to LTS releases. But if you don't, there are more stables distros that don't break your system every six months and try not to introduce big regressions when you upgrade. The stable distros that I think about are debian (stable), Red hat, slackware, etc...
Ubuntu is one of the so called "bleeding edge" distros. If you use it, you are in for some bugs and regressions every now and then. People use it because they want to experiment with new features and sometimes because it's the only distro they know. In the later case, they would be better advised to read some more before choosing Ubuntu.

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