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Oracle and SUN When Oracle announced its intentions to buy Sun Microsystems, many were worried about the future of Sun's large open source software portfolio, which includes things like Solaris, Java, MySQL, and more. It seems like Oracle is still struggling with what to do with the large body of products Sun entails; they've started charging 90 USD per user for the Microsoft Office ODF plugin.
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You're dead to me, Oracle.
by owczi on Wed 21st Apr 2010 16:42 UTC
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While I've never used the plugin (exactly - using OOo and MS Office in parallel) and this is probably one of many more such Oracle's moves we'll see - completely understandable and indeed not touching the home user that much and corporations either, it just saddens me a bit. Something has ended. Sun did many cool things, in many cool ways, and usually shared the goodies with the world. Huh. I wonder what's next - NFS? Java? ...Sun glasses? ;)

You could see many signs of Oracle's sneakiness before it acquired Sun - some more and some less widely known, but the master plan shines through:

- Oracle acquired BEA systems, makers of WebLogic application server and JRockit JVM (the best performing JVM. Period.),
- Oracle acquired InnoBase, makers of InnoDB. the only serious MySQL table engine,
- Oracle is also one of the main sponsors of ...the main competitor of ZFS: Linux' BtrFS.

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