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In the News Well, you can classify this under the double-you-tee-eff header. There is rampant speculation in London's financial district that Apple may be planning to buy ARM, the processor design company many of us have a soft spot for. Shares of ARM went upwards quickly when the speculation started, making it the biggest winner of London's FTSE.
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The article is incorrect.

I think the largest ARM customer is either TI, Qualcomm, Samsung or Nokia. Given that Nokia ships far more handsets than anyone else [we are talking all types of phones, not only smartphones], I would say ARMs biggest customer is Nokia or whoever makes their SoC.

If they cant even get their facts right, it is fair to assume that the speculative part of the article is pure BS.
Well all of those are the largest ARM customers in one way or other.

Nokia has a few SoC suppliers like TI, Broadcom, ST Ericsson and Infineon ETC.

And current ARM licenses would never let a single company control ARM, they are too dependent and they would counter or overbid.

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