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Linux The tools used to boot Linux are changing. Specifically, the Grand Unified Bootloader is now officially in maintenance mode only, and GRUB's developers have abandoned the original GRUB in favor of an entirely rewritten package, known as GRUB 2. Discover GRUB 2's new capabilities and how to use it.
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Some things, it makes sense to split into separate files. Like Apache virtual hosts. But does everything else under /etc/apache2 have to be in separate files? Really?

Same with all the apt.sources.d directories. Is it really easier to manage all those files, then just firing up a text editor and adding/removing a simple # in the first column?

What's even worse, though, is when using separate config files actually breaks features ... like the mess that is logrotate (at least in Debian/Ubuntu). /etc/logrotate.conf is supposed to be the global config file that all the other files under /etc/logrotate.d/ pick up ... yet it doesn't actually work that way, and you still have to duplicate all your monthly/compress options in all the files. Which means you now have to edit dozens of files to change the rotation policy ... instead of just one.

There's a time and a place to separate config files and use includes. Grub configuration is not one of them.

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