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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Let me take you by the hand and lead you into cell phone land. Dell - of all companies - has "leaked" its line-up of upcoming Android and Windows Phone 7 phones, and contrary to any common sense, they're stunning. On top of that, Android has been ported to the iPhone (dual-boot capable, baby), and a clever tool has been released that completely automates overclocking your Palm Pre (Plus).
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Very predictable
by mrhasbean on Thu 22nd Apr 2010 23:10 UTC
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...while Palm doesn't prohibit you from doing this (like some other companies would), they do warn that this will break your warranty

So let me get this right. They don't prohibit you from doing it (like some other companies apparently would) but it will break your warranty, yet somehow that isn't a way of prohibiting you from doing it? I see. Some of those dirty controlling mongrel car companies put speed and / or rev limiters on their cars to keep them within operational limits in an attempt to prevent injury to their customers too.

Typing on a virtual keyboard (as I do on my iPhone) is HELL, even after having the device for months and months. I was not only faster, but also insanely more accurate on my E71's real keyboard.

Virtual vs physical keyboards are very much personal preference. Personally as someone with big fingers I find physical keyboards on these devices abominable, as does my wife who is vision impaired. Both of us have no problems with speed or accuracy on the iPhone's virtual keyboard. Who knows, maybe virtual keyboards just need a little more dexterity.

Physical keyboards also have more moving parts, so more to break, and are just another orifice on the device to get filled up with crap, and the last thing many people need is another orifice overflowing with crap.

As for the phones themselves, they look good. Good options, good specs, powerful OS choices so they should do well. Of course it's only the beginning - every PC company on the planet will have stuff out before the end of the year and it would be foolish to think Apple won't have a new iPhone too. But competition is good. It means that some companies have to keep innovating to stay ahead.

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