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Games Yesterday Phoronix showed proof of Steam's Linux client existence via its Mac OS X launcher that is currently in closed beta, then this morning they showed further signs of Linux support. Since 2008 it was known that Steam and the Source Engine would come to Linux. As an update, they even pointed out the download link for the Steam Linux binary from their store.
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RE: Really?
by toast88 on Fri 23rd Apr 2010 06:16 UTC in reply to "Really?"
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So, they're trying to build market share in a demographic which (a) is less than 0.1% of the market, (b) is not known for buying software, and (c) generally opposes video games as childish?

(a) I don't see where you get that from but the point simply is that unlike Windows and MacOS, Linux installations usually don't report back to some manufacturer so that they can be counted. Since Linux is and ever will be free, you can install it on dozens of machines without anyone ever knowing. So, please stop using that stupid market share argument. Further, *if* it was only 0.1%, why the heck do you think do companies like Intel, Oracle, IBM, Google, Microsoft (YES, even them), nVidia, AMD, Google, DELL, Samsung, Sony, (I'm getting tired here, it's way too many, just check the kernel commit log), pay people to work on an operating system which has only 0.1% share?!?! Nearly every freaking DSL router in the world runs Linux.

(b) Yeah, right. And the 15,000 Euros the physics department here pays for the Mathematica for Linux licences are just vapor ware. And, guess what, we also didn't pay the 5000 Euros for Matlab for Linux, too. Even though it might not fit in your current view of the world, Linux has way more significance than you'd ever imagine. Trust me, those guys who develop Steam certainly know way better than you and I'm very tranquillized, that most developers and companies don't listen to what "experts" like you claim what's worth developing software for and what's not.

(c) Yeah, true. You know what, I probably have seen, owned and played more exotic video games and consoles you've ever seen in your life.

To say it more shortly, (b) and (c) are just stupid prejudices and over-simplifications. You should get used to the fact that the world is not white and black but colorful. Ever heard of diversification?


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