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Games Yesterday Phoronix showed proof of Steam's Linux client existence via its Mac OS X launcher that is currently in closed beta, then this morning they showed further signs of Linux support. Since 2008 it was known that Steam and the Source Engine would come to Linux. As an update, they even pointed out the download link for the Steam Linux binary from their store.
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RE: Really?
by ricegf on Fri 23rd Apr 2010 12:51 UTC in reply to "Really?"
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"less than 0.1% of the market"

Even the most slavish of Microsoft cheerleaders (that would be NetApplications) doesn't claim such a ridiculously low figure.

Most analysts agree that Microsoft Windows holds about 91% of the desktop and laptop market, excluding netbooks. Microsoft projects that 5% of the market is held by Linux and 4% by Apple.[1]

Gartner agrees with the first but swaps those last two, giving Linux 4% and Apple 5%.[2] These numbers are supported by estimated user counts, as well.[3]

NetApplications uses web browsing habits to agree with Gartner on Windows and Mac share, but gives Linux just north of 1% (perhaps Linux users are busier hacking than browsing mindless websites?);[4] that this methodology is flawed for determining installed share is evident from a similar analysis for smartphones, which gives a *very* wrong answer for a market where shares are fairly well understood.[5]

So at best, you're only off by 1000%, at worst 5000%. Thanks for playing.


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