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Google Well, this was about as inevitable as Apple not losing a super-secret iPhone prototype: Google and Adobe have pretty much formed an alliance against the iPhone, in true the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend style. The agreement between the two companies is clearly a big middle finger towards Apple and the iPhone. Update: Apple has finally added a framework to Mac OS X that will enable accelerated Flash video content - something Adobe has been asking for. This should enable Adobe to greatly improve Flash video performance on Mac OS X. Anyone know about Linux?
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RE: Hilarious Alliance
by nt_jerkface on Fri 23rd Apr 2010 18:31 UTC in reply to "Hilarious Alliance "
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Google likes Flash for a couple reasons that often go unmentioned.

1. Ads. Flash is better for displaying ads on top of video files and providing feedback.

2. Content protection. Movie companies don't like how HTML 5 video files can be saved locally with a simple right click.

3. IE support. Flash is the easiest way to support IE. IE9 has HTML5 but it is Vista/7 only and more importantly there are office users that will be stuck on older versions of IE for years to come. There is the plug-in option but that would only work if Google stopped supporting Flash.

If Google wanted to replace Flash in the future then they would have designed Chrome OS around HTML 5. By bundling Flash they are making it clear that they will support Flash for another decade. Hulu is also sticking with Flash and those two video providers are enough to keep Flash around even if the rest of the web dumps it.

But this isn't all bad news since Adobe is being pressured by competing technologies which will push them to improve Flash on all platforms.

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