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Games Yesterday Phoronix showed proof of Steam's Linux client existence via its Mac OS X launcher that is currently in closed beta, then this morning they showed further signs of Linux support. Since 2008 it was known that Steam and the Source Engine would come to Linux. As an update, they even pointed out the download link for the Steam Linux binary from their store.
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Steam is an "app store" that predate the apple one by almost a decade. It is the number one PC game distribution system, often beating retail store. Valve, the owner of Steam is also a legendary game producer with the reputation of having immortal games. Steam is open to third party game producer too, but those games are unlikely to be available in Linux soon. Valves own title, however, might very well be native soon. Half life, Counterstrike, Team fortress and life4dead are the most popular titles that might come soon to Linux. They will join iconic games franchise like Doom, Quake and Unreal (but not the latest one, the Linux port was dropped).

With those games running native, Linux will have a really strong lineup of hard core Geek title. Even if other publisher, such as EA, Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft does not port games to Linux, we will still have a lot of valuable titles.

Sorry dude, but FPS titles like the crap you just mentioned won't be a reason to install Steam on Linux.

Personally, I can't stand Half life, Counterstrike, Team fortress and have no desire to play them under any OS.

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