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Oracle and SUN When Oracle announced its intentions to buy Sun Microsystems, many were worried about the future of Sun's large open source software portfolio, which includes things like Solaris, Java, MySQL, and more. It seems like Oracle is still struggling with what to do with the large body of products Sun entails; they've started charging 90 USD per user for the Microsoft Office ODF plugin.
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RE[2]: It doesn't make sense
by renhoek on Sat 24th Apr 2010 12:10 UTC in reply to "RE: It doesn't make sense"
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If one wants to work with ODF, which is an excellent thing to do from the point of view of interoperability, by far the best choice is

That's actually the ONLY choice you have, if you want to do more than you could with rtf.

Well, i hate any format which sucks for both a word processor and a dtp program. As long as word, writer, koffice, abiword or any other msoffice rippoff has no reveal codes i will not use it.

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