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Java Programmers agonize over whether to allocate on the stack or on the heap. Some people think garbage collection will never be as efficient as direct memory management, and others feel it is easier to clean up a mess in one big batch than to pick up individual pieces of dust throughout the day. This article pokes some holes in the oft-repeated performance myth of slow allocation in JVMs.
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RE: Doesn't matter....
by Simba on Sun 9th Oct 2005 01:50 UTC in reply to "Doesn't matter...."
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"I have yet to find a Java application that doesn't run like crap, dog slow, etc. When you use a Java app, you know it, because they just suck so bad it's obvious."

ThinkFree Office blows OpenOffice away when it comes to performance. It starts up many times faster, and is significantly faster when using it as well.

And guess what? ThinkFree is written entirely in Java.

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