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Mac OS X Over the weekend, a rumour spread like wildfire through Apple and Mac circles which stated that starting with Mac OS X 10.7, Apple would introduce the App Store model to the Mac, allowing only Apple-approved applications to run. It became apparent to me right away that this was a load of nonsense, and for once, I was right: Steve Jobs has personally dismissed the rumour.
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Absolutely. I suspect there will be an App Store fairly soon, simply because it is too good an opportunity for Apple to miss because
1) It gives them an additional revenue stream
2) Software via the app store is "checked" so will be regarded as another feather in the cap of the "Apple can't get malware" brigade
3) Smaller developers will relish the chance to get there application out to more mac users without having to worry about competing on google rank with windows and linux apps as well

I can't imagine Mac OS X making this the only installation method, but I can see it becoming the primary one (I use Ububtu and I almost always install via the repositories rather than either compiling or using a .deb).

And then in a few years when people are used to it and all the key applications are available through the store ....

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