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Mac OS X Over the weekend, a rumour spread like wildfire through Apple and Mac circles which stated that starting with Mac OS X 10.7, Apple would introduce the App Store model to the Mac, allowing only Apple-approved applications to run. It became apparent to me right away that this was a load of nonsense, and for once, I was right: Steve Jobs has personally dismissed the rumour.
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by Kroc on Mon 26th Apr 2010 14:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Kroc"
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10 years dude. Remember computers in 2000? 32MB RAM and Win98 was all your average consumer needed.

Apple will already be working on the Next Thing internally. Don't think that the buck stops with the iPad, just as it didn't with the iPhone. The software isn't there yet, but I'm certain that Apple are already, or will soon begin working on the replacement to MacBookPro, MacPro and so on.

Imagine a 27" 'animator's desk' tablet (like the Wacom Cintiq), running a higher res, more powerful iPhone OS that had a development suite for building iPhone/iPad apps built in.

10 years is a long old time remember.

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Remember when Steve stood on the stage and had a mock funeral for OS 9, declaring it dead? Clearly it wasn't in the eyes of many (Classic didn't truly die until Leopard was released, seven years later).

Steve will one day do the same thing with OS X. He'll announce that OS X has had its day, but OS XI (iPhone OS family) is where Apple's key focus is (if it wasn't already).

Apple are always moving forward like this, they obsolete quickly. Unlike other companies they don't come out with a product like the iPad and then stand around saying "Well, what should we build now?".

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