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Multimedia, AV A major milestone for the x264 project - and for Free software in general. "Thanks to tireless work by Kieran Kunyha, Alex Giladi, Lamont Alston, and the Doom9 crowd, x264 can now produce Blu-ray-compliant video. Extra special thanks to The Criterion Collection for sponsoring the final compliance test to confirm x264's Blu-ray compliance. With x264's powerful compression, as demonstrated by the incredibly popular BD-Rebuilder Blu-ray backup software, it's quite possible to author Blu-ray disks on DVD9s (dual-layer DVDs) or even DVD5s (single-layer DVDs) with a reasonable level of quality. With a free software encoder and less need for an expensive Blu-ray burner, we are one step closer to putting HD optical media creation in the hands of the everyday user."
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Comment by ssokolow
by ssokolow on Mon 26th Apr 2010 18:23 UTC
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Of course, given my preferences for consuming media, this is a nice feather in FOSS's cap, but not something relevant to me.

Wake me when the MPEG-LA attacks a consumer or BD-R discs are cheap enough to begin the next phase in my optical media replacement cycle.

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