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Mac OS X Over the weekend, a rumour spread like wildfire through Apple and Mac circles which stated that starting with Mac OS X 10.7, Apple would introduce the App Store model to the Mac, allowing only Apple-approved applications to run. It became apparent to me right away that this was a load of nonsense, and for once, I was right: Steve Jobs has personally dismissed the rumour.
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RE: Possibile, but not necessary
by apoclypse on Mon 26th Apr 2010 18:36 UTC in reply to "Possibile, but not necessary"
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An App store for OSX will atually bolster sales for Mac developers. At the moment mac developers have a lot of obscure smaller apps that you may or may not find on Apple's downloads page with the rest being known by word of mouth. With a decent appstore on the smaller developer can gain more exposure with less work. One would hope that if Apple were to make an Appstore for a desktop OS they would be more lax with the rules. It would certainly make if easier to upgrade/update these apps.Your app info can be stored in a central repo somewhere so system update should go flawlessly. Devs also save on packaging if they don't already distribute digitally.

That's kind the direction that Ubuntu is taking with their software center. Its an easy to use accessible place where users can just open the store and see what they have available.

Ofcourse Apple won' disallow 3rd party applications from installing. A lot of Mac users are music and graphics design professionals. I doubt Avid (Protools), Autodesk (Maya) or Adobe (CS Suite) will want o distribute via Apple, eve its more convenient for the user. Adobe seems to love installing updaters on your machine that nag you everyday to update your software.

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