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Hardware, Embedded Systems Invented by IBM, the death knell sounded by Apple. Sony has announced it is going to cease selling diskettes altogether, with the last bastion being Japan. Sales will be ceased there too, even though Sony still managed to sell 12 million of them there last year. While Memorex and Imation still produce and sell diskettes, this move by Sony surely means it won't take long for the rest of the market to vanish, too.
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Re: Minidisc
by Toonie on Tue 27th Apr 2010 11:14 UTC
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To me, the biggest problem with Minidisc is that it was from Sony. They tried very aggressively to monetise the format before it really took off. It was firstly launched as a music format, and as such was very appealing. However, it was launched in a hurry, due the the already launched Philips DCC format. Hence it sounded crap, due to unfinished ATRAC development, was VERY expensive, and the portable units (one of the big selling points) were huge (no smaller than available CD players) and the battery didn't last long.

There was a re-launch of the the format in 1996, and in fact I bought a hi-fi deck (which I still have), with all of its problems solved, at least as an audio format. However, even though there was a variant called MD-Data for use as a PC storage medium, Sony had nobbled it so that you had to use special MD-Data discs which had the same 120MB (from memory), but were VERY expensive. Only much later, after CD-R already had a stronghold did the situation improve.

To be honest, I really loved the format when I got into it, but it suffered by being too little too late in many ways, and more frustratingly, more for marketing than technical reasons. sigh...

Sorry for highjacking this thread. I have fond memories of floppies too, honest! ;)


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