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Hardware, Embedded Systems Invented by IBM, the death knell sounded by Apple. Sony has announced it is going to cease selling diskettes altogether, with the last bastion being Japan. Sales will be ceased there too, even though Sony still managed to sell 12 million of them there last year. While Memorex and Imation still produce and sell diskettes, this move by Sony surely means it won't take long for the rest of the market to vanish, too.
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Great, now the smallest size is 700 MB?
by phoenix on Tue 27th Apr 2010 16:53 UTC
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Great, so now, to transfer a single document/file/app from one system to another, I have to waste a 700 MB CD-R, instead of a 1 MB floppy? Or grab an 8 GB USB key?

What about the needs of those with just a little data to transfer? Think about them.


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